Social Skills Group Therapy

Unlocking Potential, Building Connections.

Social skills group therapy with evidence-based techniques and activities to learn and grow.



Improving social skills through fun group therapy for young adults

including those with autism.

Our program is designed to help individuals with improve their social skills and communication abilities through fun and engaging group therapy sessions led by trained therapists. No Diagnosis Required. Our therapists focus on teaching individuals:

  • Skills for making and maintaining quality friendships
  • Skills for navigating workplace interactions successfully
  • Skills for dating and relationships
  • How to make eye contact and maintain a conversation
  • How to read social cues
  • How to express emotions appropriately
  • How to resolve conflict

This is done through role-playing, games, and activities that help participants practice and become comfortable with these skills.

Group therapy sessions also provide a space for individuals to practice these skills in a safe and supportive environment with others who understand the challenges they face. Through these activities, individuals with autism can gain more confidence in their social skills and communication abilities, allowing them to better connect with others.

Meet Christine.

The founder of Modern Skills, is Christine Benedetti BCBA, LBA, a Board Certified and Licensed Behavior Analyst, PEERS-certified provider for telehealth and in-person services, and a graduate of the UNR Behavior Analysis Graduate Program. Christine is dedicated to the success of each client across the country within our Social Skills Group Therapy program. Christine obtained a broad clinical background in ABA starting in 2005 that includes comprehensive experience in consulting, business management, supervision, training, and teaching. Christine have provided services to ages 4 through adult in a variety of settings including private practice, state agencies, Positive Behavior Support (PBS), early intensive intervention programs, schools and more.  

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Chrissy and the staff have been working with my son for a long time. My son really enjoys their program, especially the groups in the evening. It's something he looks forward to, and it has helped him with his social anxiety. I am grateful for all their help.

— James W.

Let’s get learning.

We strive to provide the highest quality, most effective applied behavior analysis services possible to the clients we serve.